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Welcome to Kunow 

With our many years of experience and expertise in customs clearance, we stand by your side as a neutral customs carrier. We do not operate our own transportation activities; as a neutral customs service provider, we always act as an independent intermediary, offering our customers a service independent of shipping. .

A neutral customs agent since 1947 

Comprehensive customs and tax services 

Our service portfolio includes expert advice as well as the preparation of export declarations and other services, such as import customs clearance, triangular and chain transactions, acting as fiscal representatives in Germany and much more regarding customs clearance. With our service offering, we focus on the following customs and tax areas in international goods traffic: 

Advice and service

Our customs forwarding staff can offer you expert advice on all customs and import tax matters. 


EPI declaration

The EPI declaration is an electronic advance notification of transports. This declaration is made by our customs forwarding staff at all Belarusian border customs offices. 

Driver payments

Driver payments are possible at our customs forwarding locations in Germany, Poland and Austria. 

International Border and Customs Offices

As a customs agent in international goods traffic, we are represented with border and customs offices at the most important border crossings. Our locations are to and from Eastern Europe as well as numerous inland customs offices with good transport links. Our employees speak ten languages: this facilitates communication and thus cooperation. 

Preparation of export declarations for goods for export 

As a customs service provider, we create export declarations for exports in the electronic AES system. This is currently possible at all German, Austrian, Dutch, Polish and Belgian customs offices. Export declarations are also issued at most customs offices in the following countries: Switzerland, Latvia, Italy, Hungary and Denmark. The export declaration of our customs forwarding company including registration in the PDR system is available in Poland. 

Customs clearance with extended 24-hour opening times 

We are available for our customers with extended opening hours at all locations, offering a full service 24 hours a day. A day and night time operation offers time and therefore cost advantages for many of the clients for our customs clearance services. Check-in options across almost all of Europe complete our comprehensive services. As an independent customs agent, we offer you handling facilities in countries including Poland, Austria, Italy, Belgium and Hungary, as well as in the Netherlands, Denmark, Lithuania, Latvia and Switzerland. 

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