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Our Services

As a neutral customs clearance agency without dispatching or forwarding activities we concentrate on the following services in the field of customs and taxes in the cross border trade:

A neutral customs agent since 1947 

Issuing of transit documents T1/T2 inclusive providing financial guarantee

via the electronic NCTS-system at every German, Polish, Latvian, Lithuanian, Dutch and Belgian customs office and also at mostly all Austrian, Hungarian and Italian customs offices. Also for for spirituous beverages, spirits and liquors (goods involving higher risk of fraud listed in Annex 44c to the CCIP) at every German, Polish, Latvian and Lithuanian customs office.

Handing over of documents in the case of triangular or chain transactions

If your goods are delivered directly from your supplier to the client, we can take the freight documents from the driver at the EU border or in one of our offices and hand over your new documents, so that the goods arrive at the client’s only with your documents.

As an approved fiscal agent

we can customs clear goods for free circulation for companies, which are settled in the European Union, but have no own VAT-registration in Germany. If the goods are delivered directly to another EU country immediately after customs clearance, under certain conditions it is possible to clear them without applying German VAT. We can act as fiscal agent in Austria, Belgium and the Netherlands, too.

Our services at a glance 

You can gain further insights into our wide range of services listed below. We are always happy to offer personal assistance in your activities in the area of international goods traffic!

Consulting service

in all matters of customs clearances, duties and VAT.


Issuing of preferential documents

EUR.1 and A.TR, transit documents T2L and T2LF, control documents T5, applying for various licenses and permissions.


Import customs clearance for free circulation

via the electronic ATLAS-system at every German customs office, as well as in the ports and at airports, and at mostly all Polish, Austrian, Belgian, Dutch, Hungarian, Italian and Swiss customs offices.


Open bonded warehouse and cargo handling in Helmstedt

Approximately 200m nearby the Autobahn A2 we have warehouse facilities (10,000m² open space and 2,000m² indoor warehouse, partially heatable) and cargo handling facilities.



From the arrival of your container at the port until its delivery to the consignee we can complete all customs formalities as well as all other necessary formalities for you. Even in export matters an experienced and competent team can assist you. We can arrange the release of import containers inclusive B/L handling and payment of terminal handling charges (THC), organisation of pre- and on-carriages, the realisation of provisional custodies as well as issuing of B-/Z-reference numbers for export shipments via the port of Hamburg and BHT-reference numbers for export shipments via the port of Bremen or Bremerhaven.


Clearance of Carnet-TIR and issuing of the electronic NCTS-TIR

in our inland and border offices as well as in cooperation with our neutral network partners.


INTRASTAT and Summary Reports

Reports about deliveries of goods between European Union member states have to be submitted to the Intrastat-system and to the tax authorities– we can handle this for you.



Issuing of export declarations EX

via the electronic AES-system at every German, Polish, Austrian, Dutch and Belgian customs office and also at mostly all Latvian, Hungarian, Italian, Danish and Swiss customs offices.


Freight payouts to your drivers

are possible in Germany, Poland and Austria.


Issuing of electronic Administrative Documents (e-AD)

via the electronic EMCS-system for transportation of excise goods under suspension of excise duty between EU member states and for export.


Clearance of Carnet-TIR and issuing of the electronic NCTS-TIR

in our inland and border offices as well as in cooperation with our neutral network partners.

Locations in Germany and other Countries

We have branches at the most important border crossing points to Eastern Europe and also at many conveniently placed inland customs offices. Our staff speaks 10 languages. All of our offices work with extended opening hours, predominantly non-stop. we can offer you customs clearances nearly in the whole of Europe, e.g. in Poland, Austria, Switzerland, Lithuania, Latvia, Netherlands, Belgium, Hungary, Italy and Denmark.

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