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Preparation of
T1/T2 shipping documents including customs security performance 

The creation and provision of shipping documents and Intrastat services are part of the comprehensive service portfolio of Kunow customs clearance agency. We will provide you with T1/T2 shipping documents, including customs security, which are created using the electronic NCTS procedure. We also take care of all Intrastat notifications. Intrastat declarations and summary declarations are required for trade with EU countries. However, this only applies to companies with a specific annual turnover. 

Your partner in the field of T1/T2 shipping documents since 1947 

T1/T2 transit documents for international transport

T1 and T2 are customs transit procedures which facilitate cross-border transport within the EU. Applying the procedures shifts the customs clearance to the inland customs offices in the country, saving the importer time and money. A transit declaration via the T1 procedure is used in transit procedures outside the EU. T2 documents are required for internal EU community transit procedures. One characteristic of the procedure is that the dispatch notice is required for EU goods, while T1 documents have to be prepared for non-EU goods. 

Creation of shipping documents 

We create these shipping documents electronically using the NCTS procedure. By issuing a T1 or T2 shipping document, the exhibitor vouches for the tax and customs duties that are levied on the goods or goods guarantees. We are, therefore, responsible as the commissioned customs clearance company for the proper implementation of said procedures, and ensure this by our technical expertise and experience. 

The takeover of the tax reporting obligations when trading with EU member states

We are happy to take over the necessary tax reports and thus the fulfilment of the legal requirements for you. To do this, we create the necessary shipping documents for you and also take care of the necessary Intrastat declarations in the course of triangular transactions and series transactions. The correct rate of excise duty will be accurately determined for each product based on the tariff number. 

Europe-wide support

We can create all T1/T2 shipping documents for you, including the required customs security service and Intrastat services at all customs offices in the following countries: Germany, Latvia, Poland, Belgium, Lithuania and the Netherlands. In addition, our experienced staff offer this service at most customs offices in Italy, Austria and Hungary. A confidential relationship and the sensitive handling of the documents you provide, which are necessary for the preparation of the dispatch notes and notifications, is a matter of course for us. 

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