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Import custom clearance

As experienced customs clearance agents, we offer you a professional import customs clearance with the electronic ATLAS system. With our expertise, we support you in customs clearance for free circulation and take care of the import customs clearance in your name. The only requirements are the import customs clearance documents. Afterwards, we take care of the required communication with customs on the basis of import customs clearance documents. If necessary, you can use our expertise to seek advice and receive a full import customs declaration. 

Your partner in import customs clearance since 1947 

Customs clearance explanation: the customs procedure for imported non-Union goods

You can not freely dispose of goods imported from a third country until they have been placed under the customs procedure. In order to grant the status of Union product to a non-EU product in the customs legislation, it is first necessary to release it for free circulation. This is the first customs procedure mentioned in the EU Customs Code. After the procedure is completed, a free disposal of this Union product is possible. The customs procedure may be selected whenever imported goods are to enter the economic cycle in the customs territory of the Union. 

Import customs clearance in Germany and in other countries 

The Kunow customs transport agency offers import clearance in Germany at all German customs offices. As well as import clearance in Germany, we are also available at most customs offices in the following countries: Austria, Poland, Italy, Hungary, Belgium, Switzerland and the Netherlands. 

Automated import customs procedure with the ATLAS system

The import customs procedure is based on the electronic ATLAS system. This is an automated tariff and local customs clearance system that enables automated processing and thus simplifies cross-border goods traffic. Short run times offer you a high level of planning security. Despite being an IT-based procedure, import customs clearance documents are relevant to ensure a smooth flow. The customs office is able to check the import customs clearance of documents, to carry out a product inspection or to carry out other checks; the customs value can also be determined on the basis of the documents. 

Determining the customs value

The value of the goods at the border crossing determines the customs value. In the case of import customs clearance, freight costs incurred in the actual amount for the buyer are taken into account. These freight costs can usually be found in the freight forwarder’s invoice. If the goods have been transported free of charge or with the buyer’s means of transport, then the import customs clearance costs which would have arisen with usual freight tariffs can be taken into account. 

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