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The Speditions-Kontor Gotthold Kunow GmbH & Co. KG was founded in 1947 and, due to the geographic location of Helmstedt on the former inner-German border, specialized itself very early in the East-West-transport sector.


A neutral customs agent since 1947

With the beginning of increasing trade relations with Middle and Eastern European countries in the 1960s, Spedition Kunow became a partner of nearly all famous national transport companies, e.g. VEB Deutrans Berlin, Pekaes Warszawa, Sovtransavto Moscow, Cesmad Prague and Hungarocamion Budapest. Because of these early and close cooperations the company became market leader in the sphere of customs clearances of East-West-transports. In 2004 up to 23 000 trucks were customs cleared every month.


The Kunow company has access to all common customs procedures like ATL@S, NCTS-T1/T2, AES, OZL, fiscal representations etc. Warehouse and modern cargo handling facilities are available in Helmstedt and are actively used mainly for transport relations with Eastern Europe.


YOUR Partner in CUSTOMS- AND BORDERclearance for import and Export

Today, the company is not related to any group and is one of the very few neutral customs agencies, whose services are used both by importers and exporters and – due to the neutrality – on a large scale by haulage contractors.

In our offices we speak Russian, Polish, English, Turkish, Lithuanian, Latvian, French, Italian, Ukrainian and Kazakh.

In addition to the offices in Germany, which are located at the most important customs offices and routes to and from Eastern Europe, branches were established in Poland. In the Republic of Belarus the Kunow company has a representative office in Minsk since 2003 and was the first haulage company, who was officially approved to work as a customs authority.


In order to mitigate the drastic effects for customs agencies working in the East-West-transport sector, which were caused by the EU extension, imports via various European ports, e.g. from China, were added to the array of services. At the same time a branch has been established in Bremen as well.

Despite the rather unpleasant and sometimes restrictive political developments, the management of Kunow company is confident to have been developed the necessary conditions which will ensure more decades of successful existence on the global markets to the old-established business.


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